Carboneutral for a healthy universe

Protect pollinators while maintaining
a durable and healthy lawn


Entrust your lawn to your Nutrite Expert

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In relations to your needs, we promise:

  • A durable and healthy lawn that respects the environmental standards;
  • Carry out a responsible fertilization program in four visits;
  • Offer packages and additional services in accordance to your needs for optimal results.


Make a natural choice for your environment. Exclusively developed by NUTRITE agronomists specializing in lawn fertilization. Our fertilizers:

  • Provide superior quality for professionals;
  • Phosphorus free;
  • Slow release of UMAXX;
  • Combines the best of organic and mineral;
  • Manufactured in Quebec, Canada.

For a durable and healthy lawn, you can count on the expertise of your Nutrite Expert, who will be your best ALLY! Make the most of your summer with healthy grass surfaces thanks to your Nutrite Experts.

Let us take care of your lawn.

For tips and tricks on how to maintain your lawn year-round, download the Ally’s Guide, a tool created by your Nutrite Experts to guide you towards an even healthier lawn.


Do you know about tillering?

To ensure a dense, healthy lawn, you can encourage horizontal growth, known as tillering. We tell you how!


Services offered

Customized options according to your needs

Loyalty Package

The Loyalty package features a fixed price for four years with the annual Earthpro® program.

Loyalty PLUS Package

The Loyalty PLUS package is the most comprehensive as it provides both extensive services and a fixed price over four years.

Regeneration 4

Regeneration 4 is an innovative fertilization package, which includes sowing new grass cultivars in your lawn.

Services PLUS

When your lawn needs that extra boost

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Did you know that the Nutrite Experts Network is a Carbon Neutral company and that over the last 2 years, we have planted more than 4,000 trees in different communities across Quebec?

Your environment is important to us!

Order your lawn care package and services PLUS online!

It’s now possible to buy your lawn care package and services PLUS from your Nutrite Expert online. Go to our ordering platform and choose the package that suits you best.

We believe in the importance of seeing your lawn to make the right diagnosis and ensure a healthy, long-lasting lawn. Fill in your online order form and your Nutrite Expert will contact you to validate your services as soon as possible.