Mowing and irrigation


We are committed to providing our customers with healthy lawns and we are always looking to improve our service offering in this regard. We have recently concluded an agreement with Irrigation Lemieux, a company that has been well established in the Outaouais region for 25 years.

Irrigation Lemieux is offering you


  • Installation and maintenance of automatic irrigation systems
  • Upgrading and maintenance of existing irrigation systems

To ensure that your lawn is in excellent health and that the results of your lawn care are optimal, water is a key element. Your lawn needs 3.5 cm (1.5 in.) of water per week. If there isn’t enough rain, you need to make up the shortfall with watering. Automatic irrigation systems deliver exactly the right quantity of water, without you having to worry about it.


Lawn mowing by robot

  • Installation of robotic mowers
  • Repair and maintenance of the robot
  • Tuning up and storing the robot during the winter

The other key to a healthy, sustainable lawn is mowing. The addition of a robotic lawnmower allows you to cut a small amount of grass at a time, on a very regular basis, which promotes the lawn’s health and encourages its reproduction through tillering, i.e. lateral growth that improves its density and, consequently, its resistance to drought, insects and undesirable weeds.

Treat yourself with the tools that will bring out the best in your lawn without you having to worry about it!

To learn more, visit Irrigation Lemieux‘s website and mention that you are a Nutrite AOL customer when you request a quote!

Nutite AOL and Irrigation Lemieux, partners for healthy and sustainable lawns in the Outaouais!